The All New 2017 Ford Raptor – 0-60 mph & 1/4 Mile Acceleration Testing

Nobody is really surprised that the Ford Raptor F150 is a pretty solid performer, ...

Nobody is really surprised that the Ford Raptor F150 is a pretty solid performer, despite its size and weight. With the twin turbo 3.5 liter Ecoboost powerplant under the hood, Ford’s newest Raptor pumps out an impressive 365 horsepower to the wheels with even better torque numbers, clocking in 422 ft/lbs on the dyno.

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Zerin from SpeedSportLife and John Hennessey from Hennessey Performance took the boosted Raptor to the asphalt to test 0-60 times and quarter mile performance. After a light burnout to to clean the tires, the Raptor took to the tree and launched to 60 MPH in 5.3 seconds. To put that in perspective, just a few years ago, that would have out performed most any stock Mustang or Camaro.

Through the quarter, the scoreboards lit up with an ET of 14.1 at 96 MPH, again putting up impressive numbers for a sports car, much less a soft-suspended pickup truck! While most of these trucks won’t see too much time on the track, they can certainly hold their own on the streets against the vast majority of cars they might encounter at a stoplight. While many Raptor enthusiasts scoffed at the idea of a V6 powering their pickup, it’s clear Ford did their homework looking at these horsepower and performance numbers!

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