The All New Cars 3 “Lightning Strikes” Extended Look

As if it wasn’t obvious, the whole Speed Society crew – all of us being well ...

As if it wasn’t obvious, the whole Speed Society crew – all of us being well into “adult” years – are geeked up about the upcoming third installment in Disney’s Cars series, Cars 3.

After Cars 2 took a decidedly different tone from the original, a smash hit at the theaters, it looks like Disney is going back to what worked so well when we first met Lightning McQueen and the residents of Radiator Springs. With this extended look preview, revealed during last nights College Football Playoff championship, we get our best look yet at the upcoming film, and it’s only served to stoke our desire to see the movie!

With voices of doubt filling his head, it appears Lightning takes some time to head back to the “cutest little town in Carburetor County”, where the slower pace – and a retired hard-ass racer from a bygone era – helped McQueen find himself and shed some of his arrogant Hollywood persona. Meanwhile, it would seem Lightning is looking at his old self in a mirror as he watches upstart racer Jackson Storm racking up the wins.

The full plot is yet to be revealed, but hopefully a full theatrical trailer will be coming soon that will help fill in some of the blanks. We just have one question… Where the heck is Mater?! Hopefully that too will be revealed when the full-length trailer is released.

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