The Best Dyno Fail Compilation! Massive Chaos!

Everybody loves a trip to the dyno, but compilations like this will certainly have ...

Everybody loves a trip to the dyno, but compilations like this will certainly have you thinking twice about either running your own car or where you stand while others are running theirs. From tire failures to engine fires to total dyno meltdown’s, these fails are all insane!

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One aspect of performance that is often overlooked until it’s too late is tires. They’re often neglected or just not up to the task of harnessing big horsepower, and when they fail on the dyno, it always makes for a tense few moments while the dyno slows back down. Then there are those times when the straps fail, which almost always ends very badly for the car and sometimes the dyno itself, especially on those elevated platform-style dynes, which leave the vehicle precariously high in the air in the event of a strap failure.

Of course, most of the time when we see a dyno fail, it’s something under the hood letting go, usually in pretty spectacular fashion. There are turbochargers that come apart, blown head gaskets, and all kinds of other carnage resulting in explosions and fires galore.

We’re going to assume that nobody was injured in any of these videos, although there’s on clip of a Supra with a massive turbo showing a bystander reaching into the engine bay for some reason just as something lets go in the engine. It’s hard to say for sure if something struck him or if he just jumped back from the sound, but let’s go ahead now and point out that any time there is a car on the dyno, reaching your hand into the engine bay is probably a terrible idea. So remember, next time you head to the dyno, whether you’re testing your car or just there to watch, find a safe location to watch from and make sure you video everything!

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