The E-Charger Hybrid System

These days, the likes of electric cars have become more and more popular in the ...

These days, the likes of electric cars have become more and more popular in the transportation ecosystem and as they perfect the vehicles, it’s not too hard to see why. However, some folks just simply aren’t happy with the technology yet or prefer to stick with their traditional internal combustion engines.

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This time, which take a look at a system that is designed to turn a traditional combustion engine into a hybrid with an add-on assembly that promises to skyrocket your vehicle’s efficiency.

Through the use of the E-Charger, in the specific application, an LS engine is aided in making power. Essentially, this system takes a load off of the engine so that it is working less hard thus providing you with better fuel economy in the long run.

Check out the systems in the video below and tell us what you think of such an application. Is this something that you see catching on? Would you try something out like this in your own car? If all works out properly this could be a really promising piece of technology.

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