The Mount Anywhere “Monorail Racer” is The Hottest New Toy Race Track Out!

When I was a kid, I waited anxiously for the Hammacher-Schlemmer catalog to come in ...

When I was a kid, I waited anxiously for the Hammacher-Schlemmer catalog to come in the mail every few months. They always carried some of the coolest toys, many of which weren’t available in stores. They seemed so much cooler than those toys on the shelves at Toys R Us and other “boring” stores nearby.

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Fast forward twenty five years and it would seem Hammacher-Schlemmer is still in the business of selling really neat toys that aren’t available in stores, such as this monorail racer set! This kit, which includes twenty feet of track, a car and controller, and a host of mounting and support pieces, is only available from H-S and it is super cool! Solving that age-old problem of race cars flying off the track at speed, this monorail-style track and car lock together, ensuring the racer remains securely attached to the track no matter how fast you go around even the sharpest turns and loops!

This track looks like it could be insane amounts of fun, with endless options for mounting the track and configuring the layout, including twists, turns, loops and drops. Maybe it’s time to revisit my childhood and sign up for the Hammacher-Schlemmer catalog again and give my own kids a glimpse into my youth.

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