The Russian guys who stop traffic cheating drivers run into an MMA fighter

The name might be quite crude, but the movement that attempts to takedown ...

The name might be quite crude, but the movement that attempts to takedown inconsiderate drivers that has come to be known as the “Stop a Douchebag” movement really has noble intentions in mind. Basically, what they do is seek out drivers who appear to be all about number one and completely turn a blind eye to everyone else on the road and they… stop them!

Now, normally, people will just go around these rude folks and go about their day. Deep down inside, we really want to reach back and slap some of these idiots but our common sense weighs on the side of civility. It’s really not worth the hassle in the long run.

However, this movement speaks out against such matters and makes it their number one priority to make sure that people think twice when they’re thinking about being inconsiderate to others. When you think about it, it really has a good message behind it.

Now, the folks behind this movement come across with all kinds of different attitudes and lifestyles perpetuated by people behind the wheel as you might expect and this time, the guy in question just so happens to be an MMA fighter who isn’t too down to listen and instead goes into a fit of road rage. The result is pretty explosive and the cops even get involved in the matter as you can see below!

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