The Technology in The NEW Dodge Demon is Next Level

As we’ve been learning more and more about the Dodge Demon, with layers being ...

As we’ve been learning more and more about the Dodge Demon, with layers being exposed with each and every one of their weekly releases, we learn with each step that this factory performer is becoming more and more of a bona fide drag racing machine.

Generally, in the world of racing, outside of track times and performance data pulled off of an aftermarket tuning software, there isn’t really a method of gathering detailed data on your car and the Demon comes through in the clutch to give you next level telemetry to see exactly what’s going on with your car.

Thanks to Performance Pages, the driver of one of these beasts will be able to check out all kinds of data from 0-60 times all the way to how fast your car is cooling off or how much horsepower it’s making with the addition of certain modifications or under certain environmental circumstances. Will it replace the complex tuning software? No. However, it does provide you with a rather detailed idea of what’s happening under that hood of yours.

Check out the video below that shows the latest rollout from that Demon marketing campaign, appropriately titled “Performance Pages” to see what kind of technology you can expect to find inside of a car that otherwise seems like raw and brutal power.

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