This 9-Second Twin Turbo Big Block C2 Corvette Can Haul The Mail

On the surface, this ride might look like a regular old second generation Chevrolet ...

On the surface, this ride might look like a regular old second generation Chevrolet Corvette with a set of drag wheels slapped on it to make it look cool. However, under that shell lies a little secret that comes out only when the driver lays into the throttle and displays what the car is truly capable of.

In additon, the droptop really adds to the sleeper feel as the car rolls out on the track with all 555 ci of big block power that’s accompanied by a pair of turbos and even a five speed manual transmission that allows this driver to bang the gears in his 1140 hp pump gas monster to some impressive passes.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is hot rodding at its finest as this guy takes us through his build that really has some unique twists and turns that takes this already rare drag racing machine and makes it even more one-of-a-kind. Oh yeah, did we mention that it most certainly has the numbers to back it all up?

Check out the video below from the guys over at High Tech Corvette that shows us what this C2 is really capable of as it roars its way down the track,  delivering a 9.2-second pass at a touch over 153 mph. From the way this thing looks on the outside, I would’ve never expected all that!

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