This Blown Camaro Loves Wheelies! World Chapionship of Wheel Stands!

Each year, Byron Dragway hosts the World Power Wheel Standing Championships, and it’s ...

Each year, Byron Dragway hosts the World Power Wheel Standing Championships, and it’s exactly what it you’d expect, based on the name. Cars from all over the country descend on the historic Illinois drag strip, located about an hour and a half from the Windy City.

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The goal, as you might have guessed, is to carry the wheels and high and as far as possible down the quarter mile. Seems simple enough, right? The results each year, without fail, is a pile of carnage and some of the happiest fans you’ll ever see at a drag strip. There are categories, such as longest, highest, and most violent wheelstands, and the snarling green Camaro in the video below is certainly an candidate for those last two categories. While he doesn’t carry the wheels too far, comparatively speaking, he does manage to lift both rear tires about a foot off the ground when he romps on the throttle. When the rear tires lose their contact with the asphalt, the car loses forward momentum, meaning the front end is coming down at a high rate of speed. The driver stays in the throttle to try to soften the landing, but the rear tires just spin and the front end slams hard to the track, collapsing the passenger side suspension.

Normally this would end anybody’s day at the rack, but not this guy. He heads to the pits and breaks out the welder, repairing the damage and taking another shot at dragging the bumper.

The second time around goes much the same as the first, but the return to earth is not quite as painful. From his rowdy burnouts to sacrificing his car for the show, this guy knows how to put on a show for the fans, and they absolutely loved every second of it!

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