This is Proof That You Can’t kill a Cummins!

Diesel engines are known for their durability, with eighteen wheelers routinely ...

Diesel engines are known for their durability, with eighteen wheelers routinely racking up a few million miles over their lifetimes. However, they also have been known to offer a totally different kind of durability too: surviving crashes that would kill any other type of engine. For proof, just check out the video below, that shows a Cummins-powered Dodge that has been rolled over, possibly multiple times judging by the damage to the roof, cranking up and driving onto the rollback wrecker.

It is an amazing testament to how tough the engine in this truck has to be to see it running after such a devastating crash, and to be totally honest, the fact that enough of the truck is still intact to allow it to actually be driven is a testament to Dodge and the components and processes they use to build their trucks. The roof of this truck is caved to within a foot or so of being completely flat, but the drivers compartment is still in good enough shape for the engine to be cranked and the truck to be steered around the field then up onto the wrecker’s waiting bed.

This is definitely one of the more remarkable scenes we’ve ever witnessed and if we hadn’t seen it with our own eyes we’d never believe it was true, but there it is for the world to see. We would love to know just how this crash happened, because the sides of the bed don’t appear to have too much damage while the roof is demolished, making it look almost as if the truck were dropped on its roof instead of rolling over. However, that seems implausible to say the least, so who knows exactly what happened. All we know is that it is impressive to see a truck in this condition crank up and drive like this.


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