This is What Happens When Your Rear Brakes Fail at 150mph!

If you happen to be racing when something bad unfolds, a majority of the time, things ...

If you happen to be racing when something bad unfolds, a majority of the time, things happen in a flash. For example, if you have the misfortune of meeting a wall after your car goes sideways, many times, we would think that drivers wouldn’t know what hit them as they jetted toward the wall.

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However, in a situation like the one that Big Chief found himself in, he had lots of time to think about what was coming at the end of his skid without brakes and perhaps, that’s the most terrifying part of this entire ordeal as he went a lot further than anybody wants to go without brakes at speeds that make the whole thing like an excerpt straight out of a horror story.

In the video below, we check out the scene as Chief revisits the section of racing surface that had him locking up the front brakes without the rear ones engaging at 150 mph, leaving him to not only have just two breaks to stop but also, forcing him to stop on the front wheels of his drag racing machine which I would assume measure somewhere around 4 inches in width.

No matter what way you try to slice this story, the anecdote definitely tells us about some scary stuff but somehow Chief’s driving expertise managed to save the situation even after the front tires blew out!

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