Legitimate Business Owner by Day, Stolen Car Chop Shop Kingpin by Night

While the majority of people out there are grinding all day, every day to try and get ...

While the majority of people out there are grinding all day, every day to try and get what they want, some folks simply don’t believe in hard work paying off and go a different route in which they substitute in other peoples’ hard work for their own and build their fortune off of the backs of unwilling participants.

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This time, we check out the incredible story of an illegal operation that’s happening right underneath of everybody’s nose as this garage owner might turn wrenches by day, but at night, the operation is completely flipped over and becomes a chop shop, stealing cars and parting them out for more money.

It’s amazing to hear what these guys are actually willing to admit that they do as this time, we go through a day in the life of a chop shop owner who describes how exactly the cars are picked up off of the street and brought into the shop to be redistributed for a profit.

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Check out the video below that takes you inside of this chop shop to give you a better idea of how people like this operate. Be sure to tell us what you think of this criminal operation unfolding in front of your eyes. Is this how you pictured something like this to go down?

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