This Quad-Turbo 2JZ Silvia is Next Level! 4 Turbos!

If you thought that having a pair of turbos was a lot to deal with, just imagine ...

If you thought that having a pair of turbos was a lot to deal with, just imagine having a pair of a pair of turbos. Without confusing the matter any further, I’m talking, of course, about the prospect of hooking up your ride with not two or three, but four turbos to really get the boost flowing.

Now, as this isn’t a setup that you commonly see, even in the highest horsepower turbo setups, you’d be inclined to think that maybe it isn’t the most efficient in the world, but you really have to admit that this car is nothing short of a showstopper that will make you stop and stare.

In this one, we get an up-close and personal session with the car to see what it’s all about before the driver heads out and rips on it for a couple of seconds. Now, it does turn out that the car does end up having a slight issue but hearing all four of those turbos whirr and whistle simultaneously is a treat!

Check out the video below to see the quad turbo 2jz powered Nissan Silvia in action. This thing is really one of a kind and leaves you to wonder how long it took to implement the unique measures that we’re sure it took to get these things in place and functioning.

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