Flashback – Street Outlaws Never Seen on TV Trash Talking!

When you’re racing, there are lots of different variables that can be thrown ...

When you’re racing, there are lots of different variables that can be thrown into the mix to make things a little bit more complicated than who got to the finish line first and won. When money or pride are on the line, things can tend to get a little bit heated.

In this race, some guys from out of town came to the 405 to see how they would stack up against the Street Outlaws. Now generally, if a field of cars has an odd number, a car or a couple of cars will get a “bye run,” meaning that they don’t have to race anybody and just get a free pass for one round of the tournament.

From what we’re told here, the out of town guys ended up getting two of these bye runs in a row which was against the tournament rules. Therefore, they would have to race Murder Nova in place of their second bye and when a loss came about from this rule, let’s just say that they weren’t very happy about it.

After being knocked out of the racing by Murder Nova, the out of towners decided they wanted to run once more for $15,000 that’s when things really got hairy! Other than that, we won’t interject any opinion here but instead, we will let you check out the argument and the video down below and decide for yourself what should’ve happened.

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