Today’s Forecast: Wheelies with a 100% Chance of Pain

Hopping on a dirt bike can certainly be a lot of fun and when you get your footing ...

Hopping on a dirt bike can certainly be a lot of fun and when you get your footing beneath you, it’s only natural that you’re going to want to try and step it up to the next level, attempting to pull off a wheelie, perhaps one of the simplest of tricks when you’re on two wheels. While pulling it off might be gratifying and throw a rush in your direction, nothing comes without risk in the world of stunting so, you might want to try and ease your way into it, not trying to go all-out on your first take because, without experience, there’s a good chance that you’re going to end up dumping it!

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In this one, we check in with a whole variety of folks who tried to pull a wheelie of their very own and, for one reason or another, they ended up falling square on the ground. Nobody ever sees something like this coming but when it does happen, a lot of times, it certainly isn’t pretty as, when the person goes down, their skin and bones could be feeling the pain and sometimes, their bike is even damaged in the process, really adding insult to injury. We’re not sure how many of these people ended up walking away with a nice little scar to show that they went down but, it wouldn’t surprise me if it were more than half of them.

Check out the video down below that shows off these people who are ready and raring to get up on that back wheel but once they do so, all hell breaks loose and unfolds into a situation in which they probably wished that they could go back in time to before they even tried it in the first place. Some of these situations just look downright ugly and definitely are not scenarios that I would want to be wrapped up in!


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