Top 5 Car Life Hacks you NEED to know

When you take a hard look at the videos that the car community has cranked out over ...

When you take a hard look at the videos that the car community has cranked out over and over again, you might find a variety of the list videos that attempt to give you an inside view on some things that you should know but may have overlooked when you’re working on or driving your car. Some of the videos in this category of video definitely have better advice than others.

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This time, we check out a video from YouTuber, TJ Hunt, as he attempts to tackle this kind of video that has been beaten to death by YouTubers all over the car community and instead of taking it in the most serious way possible, he attempts to give it his own little satirical twist.

With a humorous outlook on everything from how to get more leverage on a bolt to how to make sure that your shift knob stays cool in the hot sun of the summer, TJ really gives us the gamut here, combing through some of the more obscure ideas that people have put out there to try with your car. Check out the video below and tell us what you think of this unique perspective on a concept that’s way too familiar.

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