Train Hillariously Plows Through Trees After Huge Snow Storm!

When a train gets to rolling along the tracks, there’s absolutely no stopping ...

When a train gets to rolling along the tracks, there’s absolutely no stopping in! In other words, if something is in front of it, it’s either getting plowed down or knocking the train off of the tracks. There isn’t necessarily any sort of in between to be had in a situation like that.

This time, we take a look into an onboard video from a train that has it cruising along a track in an area that has just been pelted with a plus sized amount of snow. As a result, there’s all kinds of snow and debris on the track and that’s where things get interesting.

It’s a blast to watch what’s coming next as the train rolls right on through the branches, snow, and other obstacles, making a bunch of loud bangs and probably doing a little bit of destruction to whatever it was lying in its path. I bet the guys in the control room of this train up front are having an absolute blast doing it, too!

Check out the video down below that shows the train with all of its power not even skipping a beat as it goes through a rough patch on its way to making a highly entertaining video to watch. This almost makes you want to hop in the train with them and see what other kinds of things they could plow through.

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