Truck and Boat Repo Ends in Huge Argument and an Empty Driveway For This Couple

It’s no secret that these type of reality shows sort of “play up” ...

It’s no secret that these type of reality shows sort of “play up” drama for better on-screen action, but this scene is straight up chaotic, and pretty dang good TV!

This repo crew is headed to pick up a truck and boat from a couple who have missed payments, only to find the couple preparing to head to the lake in said rig. As the repo crew rolls up to do what they do, the couple begins to argue, and when the guy puts his hands on the gal, sparks fly as the repo men step to in to let the offender know that’s not cool.

Pushing, shoving and yelling ensue, but cooler heads eventually prevail and no punches are thrown. The repo team is able to grab their haul and hit the road, leaving the couple stranded with no way to get to the lake, or anywhere else for that matter.

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