Truck On Fire Drives to Fire Station… But There’s Nobody Home.

The vast majority of the time, firefighters obviously load up on their trucks and get ...

The vast majority of the time, firefighters obviously load up on their trucks and get dispatched to wherever the fire is, using everything available to them and their best abilities possible to hustle their way over to the blaze in a hurry in order to put it out and save as much property and life as possible.

In this situation, however, we’re thrown a little bit of a curve ball as, instead of the firefighters heading to the fire, this time, the fire comes right to the station! For this man who is about to lose his truck to a blaze, he ended up rolling into the right place at exactly the wrong time!

It all started when a man driving down Highway 17 in Surrey, British Columbia, noticed a little bit of smoke coming from his engine bay and decided to pull right up to the fire station as he thought that there might be danger getting ready to unfold under his hood and the station was nearby. However, when he got there, it turned out that the majority of the crew was out on a call… Talk about bad timing.

However, an off-duty firefighter driving by noticed the situation and hopped right into the action, running into the firehouse and using a hose off of a truck in the station to bring that fire down to its knees. Just as he was extinguishing the flames completely, the other truck rolled back into the station to cap off the perfectly bad timing.

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