Turbo Chevy Powered Rolls-Royce – They’ll LSX Swap Anything

For almost a decade now, GM’s LS series of engines has been the go-to for enthusiasts ...

For almost a decade now, GM’s LS series of engines has been the go-to for enthusiasts looking for something to drop into, well, basically anything. We see LS engines in Mustangs, 240s, classic pickups, and even Jeeps, but as far as we can remember, this is the first time we’ve seen an LS swapped Rolls Royce!

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That’s right, race fans, you read that correctly. This is a 1979 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith, at least on the outside. Under the hood, however, lies that awesome GM powerplant that has taken the world by storm. Gone is the factory drivetrain, which wasn’t operational when they car was purchased, and in it’s place lies a six liter GM engine. The bullet is stock, for the most part, with some minor valve rain upgrades to help the engine live under boost. The engine puts down 600 horsepower to the rear wheels thanks to the 7876 turbo.

Behind the engine, a Ford 9 inch rear end harnesses the power and sends it out to the sticky drag radials, which push the car well into the mid-11 second zone through the quarter mile. The car is an absolute cruiser, with Vintage Air air conditioning setup and a nice stereo to keep the driver comfortable as the miles pass by.

The cars owner drove the Rolls almost 700 miles to Holley Performance’s LS Fast last weekend in Bowling Green, Kentucky from his home in Maryland, proving the car is indeed a capable cruiser.

We love seeing cars like this, and would love to see your unique ride, whether it’s LS swapped or not. Be sure to stop by our Facebook page and drop a photo of your build, and you just might find yourself right here on Speed Society one of these days. Just drop a photo on our wall with a little background information and we’ll check them all out!

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