Turbo Diesel Truck Crashes Leaving Car Show

In this day and age, you’d think that when it comes leaving a car show, that ...

In this day and age, you’d think that when it comes leaving a car show, that people would just be a little bit more careful with how they drive. After seeing all of the cars that have infamously ended up doing wrong and losing control, ending up on the internet for all to see, it really just makes you think that people would be a touch more careful, using their common sense to overcome the need to show off and be on camera. However, as human nature would have it, that’s simply impossible for some folks as they seem to want to show off more than they care about being a butt of the joke. This time, we check out another car show exit gone incredibly wrong!

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This time, however, it isn’t what you would expect as normally with stunts like this, it ends up being some sort of sports car getting tangled up in the mix of laying into the throttle too much and spinning out of control into some sort of curb or tree or crowd of people. In this display, though, it ends up being none other than a Chevrolet Silverado.That’s right, this time it happens to be a Duramax diesel powered monster that tries to make a U-turn into a burnout ends up having a whole bunch of regret as a result.

The cameras are rolling outside of this car show as the diesel truck attempts to show off and ends up eating a curb. I know that one couldn’t have felt good and had to have caused a little bit of damage to go along with this notoriety that the pickup truck owner has now gained from the run-in with the curb. Follow along with the video down below that puts you on location outside of this car show to show off exactly what happened on that day that would leave this truck owner wishing that he’d done something differently.

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