US Navy Submarine Surfaces in the Arctic Ocean, Looks Cold!

When you think of a submarine, you probably don’t picture much more than the ...

When you think of a submarine, you probably don’t picture much more than the vessel traveling below water and coming up for air through the water’s surface every once in a while. This time, however, water isn’t a part of the equation, at least not at the surface of the matter.

In this awesome demonstration, we get to catch a US Navy submarine as it surfaces in the Arctic Ocean, an area that doesn’t necessarily have flowing water as the surface is frozen solid. It takes a little bit of work, but once the submarine comes up to the top, it surely is a sight to lay your eyes on.

After some drilling and a little bit of chipping away at the stubborn and icy surface, the crew is able to get this submersible vehicle to the top as to allow those on board to hop out and put their legs down on dry land once again.

We would venture to think that the majority of folks have never really dealt with a submarine before let alone one that is popping its head out of an icy wonderland like this one. This should be a pretty interesting watch no matter who you are.

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