Was a felony charge really worth saving a few dollars? Man charged for trying to avoid tolls

Depending on how long he got away with this stunt, this guy could have stiffed the ...

Depending on how long he got away with this stunt, this guy could have stiffed the state for hundreds, possibly even thousands of dollars with this insanely simple, yet brilliant tag blocker. But now he’s been busted, and he’s not just facing a slap on the wrist.

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This driver, Orange County native Joshua West, used this drop-down panel to cover his license plate and cruise through the toll booth without paying, saving him potentially hundreds of dollars a year in tolls. Add those up over a couple of years and the savings really begin to pile up. However, those savings are probably going to be wiped out now as he got nailed by a trooper behind him that saw him use the blocker and promptly put and end to that. Apparently this was an arrestable offense, and it seems West’s Honda Civic was impounded as well.

Hopefully anybody else out there using one of these devices to obscure their plates and slip through he toll booth is at least checking their rear view to make sure there isn’t an officer tailing them, or they could end up in the same situation.

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