Watch What Happens When Your Tire Sidewall Bubble Fails!

Sidewall bubbles are bad news, and this YouTuber has taken the opportunity to catch ...

Sidewall bubbles are bad news, and this YouTuber has taken the opportunity to catch what happens when a bubble bursts on video.

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Bubbles generally pop up when you pinch the sidewall by tagging a curb or slamming a pothole, though they can just pop up due to a flaw in the tire’s build. Whatever the cause, if you spot one of these on your tire, you need to get the tire replaced immediately, if not sooner, as a knot like this is literally a ticking time bomb that is going to fail, and when it does, you’re going to have a really bad day. Sidewall failures usually result in the tire deflating almost immediately, meaning you have little or no warning that your car is about to be on the verge of uncontrollability, and if you happen to be at highway speeds it could end disastrously for you and those motorist near you on the roadway.

Take a second the give your tires a look daily, as these are easy to spot with a quick visual inspection or by rubbing your hand around the perimeter of your tires. If you need a visual of what’s going to happen when it lets go, just hit the play button below and watch for yourself.

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