What Happens If You Fall Asleep When Your Tesla Is On Auto PIlot?

On the leading edge of automotive technology, we find Tesla, the company that really ...

On the leading edge of automotive technology, we find Tesla, the company that really seems to be changing the way that we get around. With an autonomous driving feature, it would really seem like it would free up a lot of time for you to get things done on the road whether it be working or doing some sort of leisurely activity, or even sleeping. However, it doesn’t appear as if the people behind the wheel of the self-driving cars are going to be able to fall sleep just yet.

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Instead, Tesla has put in place some safety features to make sure that should you fall asleep, the car will discontinue itself from driving forward. Just when you were ready to go ahead and try out what might have been the best part of the whole self-driving car, it’s taken up and snatched away from you in the name of safety. Essentially, the car senses when the driver begins to nod off and thows you a couple of warnings before it eventually begins to switch itself into a sequence where the car will begin to slow down to a stop, putting on the hazards to let everyone around you know that you’re not going anywhere.

The video below shows the entire sequence as this Tesla slows to a crawl before stopping entirely in this simulation that would show exactly what happens if you were asleep behind the wheel. Now, there have been videos out there that have shown people allegedly tricking the system into thinking that they are awake and paying attention by resting their hand on the wheel. However, it really begs the question just how safe that is and furthermore, what the point of an autopilot system is if you have to have your hand on the wheel anyways. Perhaps, this is just laying the framework for further software updates that might make a completely autonomous machine but for now, it doesn’t look like you’re going to be able to have a car drive itself to your destination while you catch some Zs.

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