What’s Making This Street Racer Break Down And Cry?

Racing is really something that you have to sink a lot of heart and money into be ...

Racing is really something that you have to sink a lot of heart and money into be good at on a high level. When you start getting to the point that the guys on Street Outlaws are at, it’s really is something that can easily consume your entire life, bank account and all. Therefore, you have to imagine that having to figure out a way to kick somebody off of the list would have to be a challenging thing to do. However, if safety is something that is a question, sometimes, are you really have to look at the competition and wonder if it’s really worth it. Sure, winning might be important but the safety of the drivers is definitely something that is held in even higher regard.

This time, we check out the situation that has Kye Kelley and Scott Taylor debating whether or not it’s in everyone’s best interest to let Jason continue to race his Chevrolet Corvette or not. Handling a situation like this is a particularly difficult one as they definitely understand how much time and effort has been invested in making this car fast.

The machine is one that can compete with the best of them. However, when you get to the point where nobody wants to race you because of your reputation for sending it sideways, a little bit of cause for concern arises. It’s all about figuring out what point you need to call it quits and it looks like they finally reached that point.

Follow along in the video down below that takes you on the scene as the discussion gets a little bit emotional. When you think about what’s at stake here, you can’t really blame someone for tearing up a little bit. You can really feel that this is something that no racer ever wants to have to talk about but sometimes, you just have to do what you have to do and this is one of those situations.

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