When GTA Becomes Real Life But There is No Restart Button…

If you’re familiar with the video game, Grand Theft Auto, that has taken the ...

If you’re familiar with the video game, Grand Theft Auto, that has taken the world by storm, becoming one of the best-selling franchises of all time, then this video might just be a little bit familiar to you. The game is all about making your come up through means that might not exactly be legal whether they be breaking and entering, stealing things, and otherwise committing high-end crimes as you blast your way through the streets and avoid the police all the way, trying your hardest to avoid getting busted before the end of the mission. Sounds like some pretty intense stuff, right? Well, just imagine it in real life.

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This time, we check out a real-life Grand Theft Auto scenario that was staged and takes place in quite the open world. This first-person point of view video will have you practically sweating adrenaline as you’re taking on a journey that breaks you in a house to grab some keys for a go-kart that is then beat on through the town as a guy behind the wheel does donuts out in the streets, swerving around and avoiding cars, before taking on the final vehicle as our main character decides what he wants to steal a motorcycle and take on some two-wheel action, yanking some wheelies after ripping off this bike.

Follow along down in the video below that takes you through this situation that openly imitates the GTA series of games. It really says a lot about a game when people make countless projects paying homage to the franchise, whether they be pieces of art or even videos like this. Let’s just hope that, at the end of all this, that it was actually a planned out video and we weren’t really watching someone breaking the law over and over again on camera.


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