When the Car Has More Sense Than the Driver

In certain situations out on the roadways, there might be times when people forget ...

In certain situations out on the roadways, there might be times when people forget who has the right-of-way and who should be where at what time. When these confusing times come about, road rage can really be sparked or an accident could even happen. This time, it looks like one of those situations were about to unfold when two drivers attempt to go down a road at the same time and the space simply isn’t wide enough for both of them.

It’s at this time that one driver begins to get out of his car to come and talk to the other driver or confront him but it’s at this same point that the car that wasn’t putting in park ends up being a little bit smarter than the driver, reversing itself out of the way and allowing the other driver to move along freely. It looks like this one could have been solved quite easily if the driver would have done as the car managed to do by itself but as with what usually happens, human interaction here made this one just a little bit more difficult to deal with.

I couldn’t help but laugh a little bit when the car managed to throw itself in reverse and slide backward to fix the issue all by itself. It’s really ironic that things had to happen this way but it really goes to show you that maybe sometimes people should just look at themselves from another point of view and realize that if their pride wasn’t in the way, things might be a lot simpler. This one really didn’t have to escalate to the point where someone was ready to get out of their car and go argue but thanks to a wild chance, I guess it turns out that they didn’t have to.

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