Worst Feeling Ever – When Your Ferrari Engine Starts Knocking

For someone in love with a sports car or even anyone behind the wheel at all, driving ...

For someone in love with a sports car or even anyone behind the wheel at all, driving down the road and hearing a knocking sound probably isn’t how you want to end your day. In fact, such a sound could spell out a worst-case scenario for anything with four tires and an engine under the hood as it could lead to the need for a new engine entirely.

This time, we ride along with Rob Ferretti as he gives us the lowdown on what happened when he was heading to a car show with his Ferrari, when all of a sudden, it started making that dreaded knocking sound, indicating that more likely than not, Rob was going to have to replace a rather expensive chunk of parts.

However, as he kept exploring where exactly the sound was coming from, eventually, the scene would take a very welcomed plot twist as he would discover that maybe this repair wouldn’t be as expensive as he originally anticipated. If you want to talk about a very exciting breath of fresh air, that most certainly would be it.

Check out the video below that gives Rob the opportunity to tell all about this heart-stopping situation that could have definitely spelled out disaster. I don’t even want to know what the repair bill would have looked like if he would’ve had to take a ride down that worst-case scenario road.

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