You’ll Never Believe What Comes Inside the Infamous Demon “Crate”

With all the hype surrounding the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, Dodge’s ...

With all the hype surrounding the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, Dodge’s trailblazing foray into street legal, factory built, all-out drag cars, we’ve been slammed with all kinds of new information about the special edition hotrod. One of the absolute coolest features of the car is the Demon Crate, an accessory that can be added to the purchase order for just $1 thanks to Dodge’s awesome special-order accessory program.

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Each Demon Crate is individually numbered to match the car and labelled with the owners name, then packed full of performance upgrades and tools to help make the car even quicker than it already is in as-purchased condition. Crack open the badass Demon-branded crate and you’ll find the following:

  • specially-calibrated PCM programmer for high-octane fuel
  • custom high-octane switch for activating the race gas PCM
  • pair of narrow front wheels and tires for track use
  • high-flow conical air filter element
  • passenger mirror block-off plate for weight reduction
  • Demon-branded floor jack and jack handle with carry bag
  • cordless impact wrench with battery charger
  • torque wrench with socket and extension
  • tool bag, fender cover and special case to secure the front wheels
  • Demon-branded tire pressure gauge

If you plan on picking up a Demon from your local Dodge dealership, be sure to order your very own Demon Crate so you can extract every ounce of performance from your factory hotrod. After all, it only costs a single extra dollar!

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