YouTuber Buys His Mom Her Dream Car… This Is Her Reaction!

You just can’t beat a good “reaction” video. From soldiers ...

You just can’t beat a good “reaction” video. From soldiers returning from duty to surprise their family, to kids buying things like their parents’ dream car, capturing that moment of emotion is always special.

YouTube gearhead Street Speed 717, aka Mike, bought his mom a Mini Cooper and wanted to share the reveal with his 300,000 subscribers, and it was indeed a moment worth sharing. As most parents do, Mike’s mom is adamant the generous gift is too much, but he will hear none of that, insisting she take the Mini to replace her aging Volvo. Mom finally relents and takes her new wheels for a spin around the block, returning with a huge smile on her face and a hug for her son.

Videos like this warm the heart and often bring tears to the eyes, as the emotions are always very raw and powerful. We hope everybody out there is able to do something so nice for somebody and is able to capture the moment to share with the world. Who knows, you just might end up on Speed Society someday too!

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