🎥 BIG TIRE No Prep RACING for $20,000 !!! Outlaw Armageddon 🎥

When it comes to throwing down during a big time drag race at a no prep event, the ...

When it comes to throwing down during a big time drag race at a no prep event, the stakes are already high dorrivers as their egos flare up and they want to be the biggest and baddest of the group. In racing, that’s always a factor to think about. Nobody wants to be second place!

When cash is thrown into the mix on top of the egos, like it does in a situation like the one pictured here, the stakes get even higher and cars will be pushed even further, even if it means putting more on the line to the point where machine slide around and drivers risk their own bodies, coming oh so close to catastrophe, for the sake of going home with a victory. All that cash is mighty appealing and it might give someone a little more incentive to stay in the throttle when normally they would have let out!

This time, the action is intense and the guys over at Urban Hillbilly Action Videos take us along for the big tire battle that squared off at Outlaw Armageddon at Thunder Valley where a cool $20,000 in cold hard cash was on the line for the winner. You might just recognize a lot of cars in the lineup because this is one heavily stacked pack to say the least. Making it out of this one with a fist full of cash is definitely an accomplishment worthy of admiration.

See every list second of the action down in the video below that gets you about as close as possible to the most intense races that went down during this class. Some of these matchups are almost too much to handle as the drivers really cross that line! It really goes down to the wire here and you’re going to need to keep your eyes peeled!

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