🎥 How Snipers Shoot Into Vehicles | Special Forces Sniper Techniques

When it comes to learning about weapons and how to properly use them, it isn’t ...

When it comes to learning about weapons and how to properly use them, it isn’t something that is as simple as picking up a weapon and going to town, firing at the target and hitting it with precision every time. Instead, there’s not only a lot of info that you need to absorb about the weapon but also how to fire it, how to react to certain situations and conditions, and exactly what’s going to happen when those conditions come into full swing. This time, we check out a rather volatile situation that explains how exactly glass is penetrated when the target is inside a vehicle.

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As our host here elaborates, there are a lot of Hollywood special effects that skew reality with a situation like this. Some aspects are simpler but others might be a lot more complicated in terms of how to react to the wind and the glass and all of the different factors that might be thrown into a mix like this. When you consider the idea that it’s a long range shot, things get even more convoluted to boot. It really makes you appreciate how much these guys have think about when firing their weapons in a situation like this one or any other variety of factors that can make a shot more complicated.

Check out the video below as we’re tuned into the variety of different things that someone who fire weapons in such a situation has to think about before they just go out there and let one loose. Just when you thought that watching that action movie strapped you up with all the knowledge on how to figure something like this out, in comes the real information that shows you just how complicated something like this might really be when you’re doing it in the field.

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