How To Turn Your Lawn Mower into a Dually!

I have to admit, when I read the title of this video, I rolled my eyes and thought ...

I have to admit, when I read the title of this video, I rolled my eyes and thought this would be pretty stupid. However, my first glimpse of a lawnmower with a dual rear wheel setup completely changed my mind. It is actually pretty damn cool, and it doesn’t look to be that hard to replicate, requiring basic hand tools and a few items you can find at most any hardware store.

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While it’s not required for the project, the tires being cut into a sort of DIY paddle tire in a nice touch. I don’t know how much it will help with actual traction but they do look cool if nothing else. If you want to do that part, you’ll need an oscillating saw to handle that task. Per the video’s recommendation, it seems using a blade designed for cutting wood works well for the job. Beyond that, there’s the whole matter of aesthetics. If you want your wheels to match, you’ll likely need to paint them, but again, that part isn’t required, though it does look nice in the end when the wheels are all the same color.

The main event, though, is the dually setup, and luckily all that’s required to make them work is a few lengths of all-thread rod and a handful of self-locking nuts. Simply drill a couple of holes in the center hub of each wheel and feed the all-thread through and tighten down the nuts. Just like that, you’ve built yourself a dually lawn mower.

As you can see in the video, this does make the track of the mower pretty wide, but it looks really cool. This guy certainly took the time to do this right, and in the end, he’s rewarded with one of the cooler mowers we’ve seen. Have any of you ever done a project like this? What else would you like to see with dual rear wheels besides pickup truck and lawn mowers? Hit us up in the comments on Facebook and let give us some ideas, maybe we’ll see if we can’t bring them to life!

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