1 of 1 2021 Lexus LC500 Sells For Astounding Price Tag at Barrett-Jackson

When it comes to Barrett-Jackson, there are a ton of cars that roll across the block. ...

When it comes to Barrett-Jackson, there are a ton of cars that roll across the block. These aren’t just any cars, either. We would actually file most of them into the “dream car” category. In fact, it might be almost impossible to pick out a favorite.

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If we were to do coverage as thorough as we would like, we would probably be here all year. However, there are a couple of cars that really stood out as some of the biggest stories of the weekend. One of them would come from a new variation of a stunning Lexus model.

This time, we check out the Lexus model that has really made some waves. The 2021 Lexus LC convertible will be new to the lineup next year, following in the footsteps of the hardtop LC. In order to get their hands on VIN 001 of this particular variant, a bidder was willing to pay some big money.

When the gavel came down to indicate the final bid, the monetary amount climbed all the way to $2.1 million. Of course, Other examples aren’t going to be worth this much. However, there is usually a premium paid for the very first VIN. This comes in collaboration with incentives to drive the bid higher for donations to charity. This time, 100% of the final bid will be going to good causes. Benefitted are both the Boys and Girls Club along with the Bob Woodruff Foundation which benefits veterans.

The platform is rather exciting as it adds a drop-top version to what’s already an exciting car. With 471 naturally aspirated horsepower, this thing is bound to be a blast to drive. When combined with the styling and touch of luxury that we find with the car, it might just be the complete package as far as sports cars go! The winning bidder is getting one heck of a machine.

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