1 Year Olds Reaction To 600HP 2JZ MKIV Toyota Supra

We’ve seen a lot of great ride along reaction videos over the years, and while the ...

We’ve seen a lot of great ride along reaction videos over the years, and while the vast majority of the passengers seem to either be really impressed by the car or sometimes freaked out by the acceleration, there are the occasional lukewarm reactions. The kid in this video takes lukewarm to a whole different level though!

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Strapped into his car seat in dad’s 600 horsepower Toyota Supra, it would seem like this little fella would enjoy going for a joyride. However, he’s so unimpressed that it actually puts him to sleep. It kind of makes sense, though, if you think about it because at the age of one, kids haven’t really learned what to be afraid of yet unless it’s something that has hurt or scared them before.

So for this little guy, this is not much different than a cruise in the family ride, except for the cool noises and stiffer ride. You can see the little dude mimicking the sounds of the blow off valve and exhaust, so it’s not that he isn’t into the ride, it’s just not really anything overly exciting for him. Of course, dad doesn’t exactly get too crazy either, keeping things in check since his shotgun rider is his own flesh and blood, plus there’s a passenger in the back that we’re going to assume is mom, so he probably knew it would be a bad idea to let it all hang out.

Finally, at the end of the video, our little star has had all the fun he can handle and starts to nod off with a snack and a drink resting on his lap. We aren’t sure if dad was expecting a bigger reaction or if he had a pretty good idea the run would be little more and yawn-worthy to his copilot. Maybe we’ll see more of this kid as he grows up and learns a little more about horsepower and dad can get a little crazier with the throttle pedal.

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