1000+RWHP Chevy SS Sedan Runs A Blistering 9 second Pass! Vengeance Racing

In this day and age, with the ease of use that comes with the internet, we have ...

In this day and age, with the ease of use that comes with the internet, we have access to literally every fast car in the world right at our fingertips. If you sit down on the couch it open up the YouTube app on your television, there are literally countless free hours of content that you can absorb from some of the nastiest cars in the world going at it as they try to one-up one another in an endless series of competition that really gets our blood pumping and brains moving in the direction of what exactly we can do to our own rides. It’s really an endless cycle of all that is exciting in motorsports.

Even with all of the insane creations that we see bouncing around the web these days, it’s really hard to deny the fact that a 9-second sedan is insane. No matter what way you slice it, seeing a machine that was designed to throw the family in the back seat, as it soars down the dragstrip to a single-digit pass, is enough to bend your mind. The Chevrolet SS does exactly that and even though this thing was designed with a little bit of pep in its step, the factory version is very far in the rearview mirror as a myriad of updates has brought this car along to reach horsepower in the four digit ballpark.

If you follow along down the video below, you’ll be able to lay eyes on this Vengeance Racing masterpiece as it digs down to grab traction and slaps home a 9-second boosted pass like it’s nothing! While many would find the time to be concerned with the lighter cars, you’d better not sleep on this heavyweight because, while it might be a massive machine, it really has a backhand that you’re not going to want any parts of.

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