1100hp Huracan Vs Countach… What One Would You Rather Have?

If you should ever venture over to the Hoonigan garage, you might just stumble upon ...

If you should ever venture over to the Hoonigan garage, you might just stumble upon quite the mix of cars as these guys really have a lot of impressive machines themselves and also friends who like to stop by and have even more impressive machines, showcasing everything from powerful drift missiles to spotless American muscle machines, and this time, a couple of exotics including one that is a certified jaw dropper for just about anybody who is in love with speed in the Lamborghini Huracan and another that is widely recognized as one of the most prominent classics in its lane, shaping what Lamborghini has become today in the Lamborghini Countach. For many, picking out a favorite here would probably come down to a coin toss and even then, you would be second-guessing yourself all the way out the door.

As we’ve come accustomed to with these episodes of the Daily Transmission, we get a complete in-depth tour of the cars that’ll leave you drooling. Each one has something really special to offer and thanks to the people involved with this one, we get an idea of exactly why these Italian masterpieces should have people flocking to them in the masses. No matter which one you pick here, you can’t go wrong as either of these would make a killer street machine to make your presence felt in! I guess that it all comes down to what your personal style is and if you’d rather roll with the old school or the new!

Folow the story in the video down below that will take you inside of the latest episode of Daily Transmission to get acquainted with a couple of Lamborghini performance machines that might just blow your doors off. After getting a load of exactly what these cars have to offer, be sure to tell us which one of these would win you over in a battle for your heart.

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