1400HP Turbo Silverado Extended Cab?! The Heavy Chevy

If going fast is your end goal, there is definitely a roadmap that many would observe ...

If going fast is your end goal, there is definitely a roadmap that many would observe to get there. This roadmap picks out the cheapest and easiest components that will allow you to go fast. However, while that map is tried and true and definitely has its place in the racing community, some other builds really stretch out their legs to try and do something different, starting with a platform that you wouldn’t expect to see go fast and transforming it into an all-out racing machine that will most certainly make you look twice the next time that you see something similar.

While the concept of building a pickup truck is certainly not something that’s new, seeing an extended cab full-size truck rocking onto the scene most certainly is something that really hasn’t been done all that much, at least not on this level. This time, we check out a Chevrolet Silverado extended cab that has been hooked up with quite the selection of go-fast goodies under the hood that really do their diligence to kick this truck up to another level, making it nothing short of a 1400 hp speed freak.

In the video below, we’re able to thoroughly explore this big and bad pickup truck that sports 430 cubic inches of LSX power that’s aided by a 98mm Garrett GT55533r that helps plow to the aforementioned power figure along with a quarter mile time that swings deep into the eights with an 8.60-second pass that’s able to muster up a 159mph head of steam. If you follow down in the video below, you’ll be able to catch up with the owner to get his thoughts on what exactly it is that he has been doing with the truck and maybe a little bit about where he plans to go with it as well.

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