1500 HP ProCharged Dually Shows That Looks Can be Incredibly Deceiving

One of the things that I think applies to the majority of automotive performance ...

One of the things that I think applies to the majority of automotive performance enthusiasts is the joy of being hit with the unexpected. Sure, we can all appreciate a well-built car that was designed to go fast from the factory. However, on the other hand, when somebody takes the last imaginable thing that someone would turn into a performance beast and makes that thing a complete monster, it’s something that really absorbs all of the attention.

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For this particular Chevrolet pickup sporting a dual-rear-wheel setup, we get to see exactly that concept come to life.

On the surface, we see a machine that’s over 7000 pounds in weight. However, under the hood, it has quite the monstrous combination to really make it sing. While some might think that such a combination would likely involve diesel power to help move all of that weight, there’s no diesel engine insight here. Instead, we watch a ProCharged 565 cubic inch big block Chevrolet come to life!

One of the things that we really find fascinating about a build like this is that it’s definitely not a case of “Slap in an engine and go.” Instead, extensive modification has been done in order to ensure that the truck that appears to be nothing more than a tow rig can really surprise competition come race day.

By following along with the video below from¬†KSR Performance and Fabrication, we get to take an inside look at the truck that shows that looks can truly be deceiving. For those who like to stand out and be unique, we aren’t quite sure that there’s another dually exactly like this one. At the end of the day, going the route of a ProCharged big block was definitely a plot twist that we didn’t expect. However, when it all comes together, this is really a build that we think a lot of people will be able to sink their teeth into.

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