1500cc 4 Stroke Standup Jetski Hauls Serious Ass

WOW! There’s not much else to say, or that needs to be said, about this insane ...

WOW! There’s not much else to say, or that needs to be said, about this insane four-stroke Jet Ski!

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The video is short and to the point: fourteen seconds of “Ready? Gone!” as the rider fires up the wicked watercraft and promptly exits the area code. There’s no info about the powerplant in the description other than its a 1500cc four stroke, which equates to 1.5 liters,¬†around the same displacement as most Honda 4-cylinder engines. The ski jumps on plane and rides out across the relatively smooth water like no PWC I’ve ever seen! I can only imagine the fun to be had in trolling boats and bigger jet skis on the water all summer long. There’s no way they would look at this thing and think it would run as fast as it does!

If anybody out there has more info about this thing, please let us know! We’d love to know more about what’s powering this bad boy!

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