1600 HP CTS-V Hunts Down the World Record, New Fastest V in the World!

Being the fastest on any platform is an achievement in and of itself. When a platform ...

Being the fastest on any platform is an achievement in and of itself. When a platform like the second-generation Cadillac CTS-V is in question, it’s certainly a tall task to conquer as these things have been out since 2009 and for the past eight or so years, lots of individuals and shops alike, sometimes a combination of both, have been in the hunt to take down that overall elapsed time record which keeps digging itself deeper and deeper. What makes it really interesting to watch is the fact that you’re laying eyes on a Cadillac, after all. You have to remember that this thing was designed with a little bit of luxury and performance in mind and to see that they’re going as quick as they are is really mind-blowing, to say the least.

With this particular Cadillac, captured by the BigKleib34 cameras out at Street Car Takeover, it certainly is a far cry from what originally rolled off of the General Motors assembly line. While the original car might’ve been one that people saw to be an incredible accomplishment, especially when compared to some of the other competitors out there on the market and what Cadillac had been about before with their first generation of the V, engineers who had worked on this second generation machine originally, had to really be drooling if they ever laid eyes on what became of their baby in this scenario.

Now, with the record lingering in the mid-7-second quarter mile range (as set by the car pictured above), this might not sound like too difficult of a task to accomplish to a novice, however, for anyone who has ever tinkered in the world of drag racing, they know that going out there with a sedan after building it to make that much power and figuring out how to drive it, that making all of that power get to the ground out there on the track is really a trick. Long story short, you can color us impressed with the way that these cars are running. Follow along with the video down below to see how deep into the record books this turbocharged Cadillac CTS-V is going to go before it’s quitting time!

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