1909 Cadillac First Start in 79 Years

1909 Cadillac First Start in 79 Yearswin $50,000 in cash or This 750+hp cts-v3!Yes ...

1909 Cadillac First Start in 79 Years

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When you’re putting together a project car, there is always that one moment of payoff when the engine fires up for the first time that makes the entire build process worth every drop of blood, sweat, and tears.

Now, for a second, imagine that you were working on bringing back a piece of history that hasn’t started in 79 years! That was precisely the case for these two guys wrenching on an old-school Cadillac.

The 1909 model was originally stripped down to become a race car, raced, then parked in 1934 where the car would sit until the early 60s. After some tinkering at that time, life would get in the way of the restoration that would eventually be restarted again and culminate, or at least make substantial progress by July of 2012.

Check out the video below as the engine is cranked over and started up for the first time in all these years. There still might be more to do to get this thing on the road, but this is one major step in the right direction for the project!

Check out this 28L engine below as it’s started for the first time in years!


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