1937 Chevrolet Truck First Start In 43 Years!

1937 Chevrolet Truck First Start In 43 Years!claim double entries now!! Yes, you're ...

1937 Chevrolet Truck First Start In 43 Years!

claim double entries now!! Yes, you're reading this right!
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Back in the good old year of 1937, this truck probably served a purpose, living out its life when everybody worked with their hands and used their trucks for the manual labor that they were built for!

However, around the year 1970, it was left to sit, away from the light day and the feeling of fire in its belly. That was, until this guy got his hands on it!

We check out this feat of mechanics as the truck that hasn’t been started in 43 years fires right up and comes back to life in a snap of the fingers! It evens idles nice and smoothly, as well!

Check out the video below as the engine shows very little to no wear on what the uploader is saying is the initial start. Now why is it that this engine can stay together and fire right up after all these years, but many folks today struggle with getting their cars started?

Watch as this giant diesel engine below fires up almost 40 years after not running.



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