1969 Camaro Has A HUGE Nitrous Backfire!

1969 Camaro Has A HUGE Nitrous Backfire!⬇️collect your $50,000 in Ca$H! ⬇️⬆️Or this ...

1969 Camaro Has A HUGE Nitrous Backfire!

⬇️collect your $50,000 in Ca$H! ⬇️
⬆️Or this 1000hp Camaro, click image ⬆️

While nitrous can be one of the most effective elements to building a fast racecar, it can also prove to be quite explosive if even one thing goes wrong.

In this situation, it’s a Chevrolet Camaro that finds itself on the wrong end of a nitrous explosion that sends the hood flying off of the hinges at the starting line of a drag race!

After the burnouts are done with, the car stalls and when it goes to start back up again, we’re greeted with a gigantic explosion, releasing pressure and sending car parts flying!

Luckily nobody appears to have been hurt in the incident, but we can’t say the same about bystander’s eyebrows. It appears as if some facial hair removal via fire might have taken place!

Watch as this Raptor jumps 90 feet and comes down HARD!

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 10.25.35 AM

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