1970 Chevelle Parked in Open Barn For 35 Years

The older that vehicles get, the more likely they are to have mismatched parts and be ...

The older that vehicles get, the more likely they are to have mismatched parts and be in bad condition. With every day that passes, we find ourselves fortunate to be able to spot some of the originals still lurking. It’s wild how quickly something can go from brand new to a classic. One day, it’s wrapped in plastic and the next, well, it might’ve seen better days. Some might even struggle to wrap their minds around the idea that vehicles that were produced in the 70s will all soon be 40 years old. This means that with a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS like we see here, it’s quickly approaching 50 years old!

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Over those years, there has been a ton of technological improvements in our cars. This comes from safety features to more efficient horsepower and everything in between. Today’s vehicles really bring a lot to the table and have a ton to offer. However, when we find something like this old-school machine that has been stored in open barn, we can’t help but be impressed. While newer features are nice, there’s really something to be said about the simplicity of a car like this. It really leads one to wonder if the complicated machines on the roadways today will be able to survive 50 years in such condition.

By following along with the video below, we’re taking on a tour of this incredible car. Most of it is original parts are in-tact and our host, Patrick Glenn Nichols, points out just that. It’s quite mind blowing how quickly he’s able to decipher which parts are the originals and which might’ve been replaced. Another incredible fact about this machine that still would turn heads today is that it’s been stored in an open barn for 35 years. This is another one that almost takes the viewer back to the scene of the days where this thing was brand spanking new. Just imagine rolling down Main Street in a brand-new 1970 SS Chevelle as onlookers couldn’t help but drool.

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