1987 Ford F-250 “Bigfoot Cruiser” 4X4 Pickup

There are some nostalgic machines that are able to hold a special place in our ...

There are some nostalgic machines that are able to hold a special place in our hearts. One of those machines might just be the Bigfoot monster truck. As a dominator of its time, Bigfoot was certainly a standout machine in its day. While the actual monster truck might be rather difficult to procure, we might’ve found something just as cool.

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As offered by Vanguard Motor Sales, the 1987 Ford F-250Bigfoot Cruiser” 4X4 Pickup is really something that will bring the memories back. The dealer says that this is one example of a limited 300 ever made. The truck sits in a condition similar to that with which it rolled off of the showroom floor. With just 9,100 miles, this one is certainly a gem to feast the eyes on. Even for those not in the market, it’s still a ton of fun to look at.

As Vanguard puts it, “Working with Bob Chandler who was the original builder of the Bigfoot monster truck, Ford offered this special package in effort to promote its sponsorship.”

Included were custom graphics and a suspension kit that, of course, came along with a wheel and tire package. In addition, we find a Westin double roll bar and KC off-road lights. In other words, this thing has the perfect 1980s attitude. We can’t help but feel the nostalgia hop right off of the screen.

These features were accompanied by things like a leather bed cover a rear power window to really complete the feel. It looks like this particular example might just be the best one of the bunch. We’re not sure that there are too many 32-year-old vehicles that have maintained this kind of shine over the years. When considering the odds, we would say that there might not be another exactly like this on Earth.

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