1989 Ferrari F40: My Twin-Turbocharged Lucky Charm

As a creative type, listen to a gearhead talk about his or her favorite car, like ...

As a creative type, listen to a gearhead talk about his or her favorite car, like really get into the passionate reasons why they love this particular car and what they get from driving it is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

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When that car happens to be one of the most iconic cars ever built by one of the most beloved automakers in the world, the passion, and love for the car itself and the experience you get when you climb behind the wheel is truly a thing of beauty. When Jasbir Dhillon talks about his Ferrari F40, he does so in such a way that you truly feel his love, respect, and joy evoked from driving a car that’s truly considered an icon amongst a lineup of amazingly well-built, high-performance luxury supercars.

Just listen to the first to the first minute of this video and see if you don’t feel as if you need to finish it, if Dhillon’s words don’t pull you in and make you want to know more about driving the F40. The way he dives into the details, talking about the relatively basic interior, and how that leaves you free to take in the full sensory experience of driving the twin-turbocharged V8 powered road bound rocketship.

Dhillon goes a step farther in his storytelling by diving into the history of the F40 itself as well, and how a literal race car for the street came to exist in Ferrari’s showroom. The fact that the car was a labor of love for Enzo Ferrari himself, and how its release was to coincide with the anniversary of the release of the automaker’s first road car. Enzo spearheaded the build himself, giving himself and his team just 13 months to bring his vision to life. They accomplished the daunting task, and in the process, created a car that many consider being the greatest piece of automotive machinery ever produced.

Just sit back and listen while Dhillon shares his love for his car, and you just might find you’ve got chills at a couple of different points. That’s what true automotive passing’s really is.


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