1ST Demon vs Demon Drag Race! – Finals – 1st Demon Invitational

If you were one of the lucky 3,300 chosen to take delivery of Dodge’s purpose-built ...

If you were one of the lucky 3,300 chosen to take delivery of Dodge’s purpose-built quarter mile monster Challenger SRT Demon, and you haven’t parked yours away under a cover for safe keeping, you’ve definitely already experienced the 840 horsepower chomping at the bit and working those sticky factory-installed Nitto drag radial tires out back. We drove one, we’ve experienced it and couldn’t get enough of it, so we know those of you who have one of your own are having some of the most fun in the automotive community right now.

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Each of the Demon owners were invited to load up their rides and head to Belle Rose, Louisiana to No Problem Raceway for an all-Demon shootout, mainly for the fellowship and opportunity to meet one another, but also to find out which of the cars left the factory as the “ringer”, the one ride that has just a little more power than the rest. As you’d imagine, with them all being basically identical except for the color, it didn’t take long to find the quickest car on the property.

The video below shows the finals of the shootout, featuring the two rides that had managed to mow down the competition and earn their way into the final round to determine the King of the Demons (I totally made that up, but they should use it if they do another shootout next year, it sounds pretty cool!). There’s a red Demon in the near lane taking on a silver one in the far lane, since there really isn’t any other way to distinguish one from the other.

As soon as the cars stage up and the tree drops, you can see just how closely matched they are. The red Demon gets a nice starting line advantage, but they are welded together for the whole quarter mile, putting up nearly identical numbers at every incremental timer. The scoreboard tells the tale, with the red ride taking the win over the silver one despite running a slightly slower elapsed time. This was possible because of that starting line advantage, which was larger than the difference in ET’s.

If you want to know the actual numbers, which are impressive, you have to watch the video. Let us know what you think in the comments on Facebook!

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