2 Year Old Loves HIs 24 Volt Power Wheels ATV

For most families who buy their children a Power Wheels toy or something of the like, ...

For most families who buy their children a Power Wheels toy or something of the like, they probably aren’t aware of the aftermarket out there for them. If you’re gear headed YouTuber, MadRam11, though, you can’t help but be aware of all of the possibilities that exist in the endless expanse of speed.

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When MadRam picked up a Power Wheels ATV for his 2-year-old son and his son put it to the test, well, let’s just say that the factory power wouldn’t quite suffice for the goal in mind. Therefore, it was time to dig into the toolbox and get to upgrading this once tame toy vehicle.

Is this one, we check out the ATV that was originally powered by 12 volts but has since been stepped up to 24 to bump up the power output and, as a result, make this thing a little bit faster as well. In the end, it definitely looks like the little guy would approve and say that dad’s efforts were more than worth it.

Check out the video below that shows this youngster ripping around on his souped-up ride. This definitely has to be a machine that has the rest of the neighborhood kids just a little bit jealous. You can definitely tell that this youngster is going to grow up to be an adult that most certainly has the need for speed.

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